Alternative Tying Systems Ltd, Apollo Scaffolding Ties Ltd, Apollo Training Solutions Ltd

Popular Products

Scaffold Screws Hooks and PA6 nylon plugs
Self Tapping Apollobolts
Edge Protection systems and alloy beam support
Established in 1992 to provide excellence in performance and customer support. At the time of need we are here for you.

Successful tying systems is all about evolving with change . . . . . . . .

Suppliers of scaffolding tying systems, edge protection options and innovative scaffolding brackets for all UK substrates. Other suppliers offer imitations and not the genuine and original product.

Apollo was the first UK company to carry stocks of the scaffold screw system, now generically known as 'Apollo Ties'.

In July 2017 Apollo celebrated 25 years in business. During this time we have designed, produced and developed 24 unique inaugural problem solving and application focused tying systems.

Our knowledge allows us to provide our customers with expertise, experience and an unprecedented level of anchoring technology advice.

Training Services
We have qualified trainers that offer experienced technical knowledge covering tool box talks on product installation and tie testing training that provides a lasting education.


The Apollo group trading as Alternative Tying Systems and
Apollo Scaffolding Ties provides product application expertise, technical
advice, product and tying system options, support, recommendations, and problem solving solutions.

Our range of services allows us to offer our customers with an
unprecedented level of proactive service and customer care with outstanding technical support.